Management Timeout

Taking a timeout to assess progress, reflect on learning, and plan the next steps is necessary in any management team. The pace of life today and the difficulties of making sense of weak and often seemingly conflicting signals make taking timeouts even more important.

The LearningMiles Timeout draws the client-team together for two days

LearningMiles has a long and solid experience in supporting teams on different levels in clarifying their vision and their Story, in developing their strategies, and in formulating their approach to leadership.

The LearningMiles Timeout draws the client-team together for two days. Before the meeting, the LearningMiles coach asks everyone to answer a small number of important questions about their view of the present situation and of the steps to be taken. Thus the coach can more clearly understand the scope of the discussions during the Timeout, as well as understand potential tensions in team-dynamics. If the team has been formed only recently, the pre-timeout questions are complemented by an analysis of the preferred working styles within the team, which will help the participants better to understand how the team works and sounds.

The first hours of the two–day Timeout is spent working on clarifying vision and strategy. Towards the end of day one, the focus is turned to assessing the viability of processes and practices in use. This down-to-earth focus continues on day two to ensure that the outcomes of the Timeout are as useful as possible.

Finally, in the course of the process, special attention is given to the leadership-practices of the team itself. The outcome of this part of the work is a plan for shared leadership, e.g. for engaging others.

The process

2-3 days

Work in management team

Preliminary interviews

Step 1

To strengthen joint mindset

Step 2

To get to know how the management team work

Step 3

The way the management team works


A clearer picture of the situation

Clearer vision and crystalised objectives 

A more specific action plan

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