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LearningMiles challenges companies and professionals to adopt constant reinvention as their mindset and their way-of-work. We offer unique and well-tried concepts that will improve culture-change, increase customer-awareness and develop new leadership and practices. Learning comes from within and we know how you can release the potential.

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“Experience is valuable – with a mentor you reach new dimensions. With the help of the mentor, you will find an entirely new perspective that you would not have seen alone. And as a bonus you get a new good friend!”

Marja Teljamo

Project manager, Sipoon kunta

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The FutureWorks programme felt like a new start for a tired management team. Now we just have to take care of – and especially unleash – all the active and creative people we have in our organization. “Just do it!”

Camilla Berggren

HSS Media /Editor in Chief Vasabladet

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“The coaching was a rewarding experience as it gave great tools for working with shared leadership and the leadership of the school. The personal coaching confirmed what leadership is all about and the personal experience of success gives me courage and motivation to use it.”

Tiina Luomanen

Assistant principal, Sipoonlahden koulu, Sipoon kunta

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MittMedia has reached faster digital transformation by using Futureworks, LearningMile and Customer Safari:

  • Digital advertising : 2012-2015 + 220 %
  • Digital share of advertising revenues: 2012 – 5 % 2015B – 20 %
  • 40 % of advertising revenues come from new products. (not subscribed print)
  • Web-TV-streams: 2013 -3 million views, 2015B – 20 million streamed
  • 55 % of the traffic from mobile
  • 45 % activated subscribers

AnnaKarin Lith, director of editorial operation in MittMedia at INMA Worlds Congress 2015

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