Standing alone does not always mean you are strong. Sometimes a helping hand is needed. Coaching can free your potential.

Coaching is about strengthening the professional in different situations in working life

Perhaps you want to become a better leader, find new strategies and options for your career, or set clearer and more ambitious goals for your business or your team. The coaching programme is about strengthening the professional in different situations in working life. The participant can explore his/her strengths and use them in the most advantageous way.

Coaching can be applied for very real obstacles and challenges in the participant’s daily work. Sometimes what is required is nothing short of a new way of perceiving oneself and one’s role.

A coaching process consists of a minimum of three meetings and it can last up to one year. Meetings take place face-to-face or virtually, e.g. through Skype or via phone. The participant decides and specifies the challenge or questions to be processed at each meeting.

The coach listens, asks questions and encourages action. Often the session ends with an agreement about a specific form of action to be taken by the participant before the next session. The constructive approach and atmosphere helps the individual to engage him/herself. Coaching always starts from the position at which the individual is in his/her thoughts and understanding, and from what it is he/she is prepared to do to reach his/her goals.

The coaching leadershiptraining was a rewarding experience as it gave great tools for working with shared leadership and the leadership of the school. The personal coaching confirmed what leadership is all about and the personal experience of success gives me courage and motivation to use it.

Tiina Luomanen

Vice principal, Sipoonlahden koulu, the municipality of Sipoo


2-3 months


Preliminary tasks

Reading material

Possible themes for coaching

First meeting

Face to face

Getting to know each other

Orienting discussion

Deciding goals



Face to face



Number of meetings as decided


New thinking

New ways of working

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