Mentoring is a way of encouraging you to learn and change

Working with a mentor at your side provides you with the tools for succeeding in this challenge. Mentoring is a way of encouraging you to learn, to speed up your performance, and to change.

The process is guided by the needs and goals and the questions of the mentee. Therefore it is also a process which requires time – usually several months – as well as engagement and activity from the mentee. The mentor provides her/his experience and wisdom as well as a constructive, can-do attitude.

The core of the mentoring process is a dialogue about issues relevant for and taken up by the mentee. The mentor and the mentee meet about once a month, face-to-face or virtually at least six times but often during one year.

The process includes other activities by choice like reading books and articles, completing self-assessment tests and reflective assignments or attending learning-safaris to meet with other experts or organisations. Mentoring provides a structure that tightens the process of reflection and learning and keeps up the momentum of change in the midst of demanding full-time daily work.


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