Together vi co-create knowledge

A Futureworks last for two to three days and involves 15 to 25 persons from the company at the same time. It is together we create knowledge. This we have learnt from several years of experience and also research proven. We work with the customer's problems and questions and find answers together. With us you develop a company culture based on engagement and co-creation. During the Futureworks the employees help each other to develop both as a team and as individuals. Real change happens when many people see, feel, and understand the same.

In April 2014 the Swedish media company MittMedia received the prestigious "INMA Global Innovation Award (best in Europe) for it's work with the Futureworks concept.

Futureworks is very results oriented. We at LearningMiles care for you and your company to reach new heights.Now you can pose real questions and get real answers. This concept takes you away from old truths and habits. You have a idea of how the world works. Here it is time to to leave those ideas and your workplace. We go out on Safaris in the real world - there you can experience yourself how your customers think, feel, and act. The results are impactful and lead to innovative ideas.

Framtiden är en spännande plats. Kom och bygg den med oss. The future is an exciting place. Come and build it together with us.