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Traditional workplace-wisdom suggests that resistance to change, on the part of others, is one of the greatest obstacles for a leader. Research into how people perceive themselves and their lives today, on the other hand, indicates that people are seeking to renew themselves – both at home and at work – much more than before.

The expectation of leaders and followers alike is to have meaningful work and to experience and to learn new things. Also, as a result of the changing terms of employment within all industries and the growing insecurity of employment in general, people strive for personal control of their own situation and their employability.

To support learning used to be about hoarding people with the same job-descriptions together to be taught the same things. Today, the development of an organisation is about relating development-activities to the individual in new ways.

"The LearningMile programme will give you the good feeling of getting ahead and not treading water"

The road ahead can change as you proceed. It can be made easier at times when everyday work demands more of your attention, and it can be made more challenging when you want to pick up the pace of getting to the next level with your insights and knowledge. The Learning mile programme will give you the good feeling of getting ahead and not treading water.

Since the launch of the first Learning mile programme three years ago, we have had impressive results of having engaged top-leaders, middle-managers as well as other professionals, particularly in industries in the midst of disruption and in need of a clearer visibility of the future.

A persistent myth about learning is that in order to learn, doing is enough. Research clearly shows, however, that both reflection and other learning-activities are needed.

A Learning mile is a six-to-twelve-month personal path of activities. The activities cover any amount of topics that the individual wants or needs.The programme is always a mix of leadership, customer awareness, and understanding change-processes.

The activities covered typically include 24h-tests for getting expert feedback on your mindset; experiences of shadowing other experts; Learning Safaris in other organisations; seeking feedback on your own style and performance; participating in webinars; facilitating workshops for your own employees or others, etc. Attending traditional lectures or seminars are not very common methods in a Learning mile programme.

The Learning mile programme will make you learn and keep you learning!

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