The competition in the market for interesting jobs is intense today. This should not interfere with your pursuit for a dream job. Futurejob is a programme for those who have recently graduated or those who wish to move ahead in their career.

How to become an interesting and a credible candidate for a job

During the Futurejob programme we will walk through the recruitment process step-by-step. It is important to know how to become an interesting and a credible candidate for a position. The programme will make the participant aware of his/her goals, interests, strengths and weaknesses. This helps the participant enter the recruitment process with an approach that is both genuine and true.

The Futurejob programme consists of four group meetings and two individual consultations. There is reading material and homework between the meetings. Visits to explore recruitement pracitices or views of recruitment professionals are also available. Learnings from these will be discussed and reflected upon together in groups. In addition, LearningMiles supplies a continual resource of ideas and support material to challenge thinking and open up new perspectives.

The Futurejob programme requires time and effort, but a wholehearted commitment will provide the tools for reaching goals and achieving that dream job.

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